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Tola Olubunmi

     In a small town in the crevices of St. Louis Missouri was born a small child. A child who never knew the meaning of "figgy pudding", (actually I still don't know what that is). A child who would be beaten up by his three sisters whenever he asked for more ice cream after supper. A child who would come to learn that throwing rocks at stray dogs is not always a "fun" thing to do (I've got the scars to prove it); a child destined to kick butt in a major and extremely drastic way. This child's name is (drum roll)…(dramatic pause)…(high hat crash)…Oluwatola Ajibola Oluwabunmi but you can just call me Tola. Hey,everything I said up there was pretty much true, except for the getting beat up for ice-cream part…well I hope not anyway. But I was born in St.louis and, No, I don't know Nelly or the St.Lunatics and, Yes, I've been up in the Ark and all that good stuff. But enough of that, let me stick with the reason for all the typing and that's (yep you guessed it) me.

     I started playing guitar a little later in life and have been singing alot longer. I've lived in alot of places but the place that sticks out most in my mind is Nigeria, West Africa. That's where I got saved and really learned the meaning of living life with a purpose. When you have basically nothing you learn to live for everything and everyone. The band ABLLE has that very same mentality, to live for everyone everyday that we are on this earth. God has given me a talent, a talent and a gift. A gift that I will use to the best of my ability.
Coreyon Mallory

My name is Coreyon A. Mallory

Born: August 4, 1978

Birthplace: Rock Island, IL.

    Foremost I want to thank God for his son Jesus Christ, who gave his life so I can have life. I grew up with six other brothers and sisters and I am the second youngest of all, which we all get along great. I like to play music on the acoustic guitar, sing, write songs, read most kinds of books and write in my journal. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and drinking coffee.

    I am seeking to play and sing songs that will touch and inspire people of every walk of life. I belong to Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Ok. and I spend time with teenagers helping out at the Dream Center here in Tulsa. I am most greatful for my mother's role in my salvation and I want to show people through our songs that we can have everything we want in life including peace, accomplishment and fulfillment if we trust God with all of our heart.

    CJ Jacobs was born and raised in Tulsa Oklahoma in a large family. He has worked his way up the ranks in several job positions including real estate and banking. Growing up as a youth in hard times, he has dedicated his life to making the lives of young inner city children more productive. He has been a youth partor at Victory Christian Center for 8 years and has helped minister to those who are in prison. He is now a traveling minister with the heart to change the world. He is married to Robin Jacobs and has two lovely duaghters. Namely Charica and Cassia.
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