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Tola Olubunmi

     In a small town in the crevices of St. Louis Missouri was born a small child. A child who never knew the meaning of "figgy pudding", (actually I still don't know what that is). A child who would be beaten up by his three sisters whenever he asked for more ice cream after supper. A child who would come to learn that throwing rocks at stray dogs is not always a "fun" thing to do (I've got the scars to prove it); a child destined to kick butt in a major and extremely drastic way. This child's name is (drum roll)…(dramatic pause)…(high hat crash)…Oluwatola Ajibola Oluwabunmi but you can just call me Tola. Hey,everything I said up there was pretty much true, except for the getting beat up for ice-cream part…well I hope not anyway. But I was born in St.louis and, No, I don't know Nelly or the St.Lunatics and, Yes, I've been up in the Ark and all that good stuff. But enough of that, let me stick with the reason for all the typing and that's (yep you guessed it) me.

     I started playing guitar a little later in life and have been singing alot longer. I've lived in alot of places but the place that sticks out most in my mind is Nigeria, West Africa. That's where I got saved and really learned the meaning of living life with a purpose. When you have basically nothing you learn to live for everything and everyone. The band ABLLE has that very same mentality, to live for everyone everyday that we are on this earth. God has given me a talent, a talent and a gift. A gift that I will use to the best of my ability.
Coreyon Mallory

My name is Coreyon A. Mallory

Born: August 4, 1978

Birthplace: Rock Island, IL.

    Foremost I want to thank God for his son Jesus Christ, who gave his life so I can have life. I grew up with six other brothers and sisters and I am the second youngest of all, which we all get along great. I like to play music on the acoustic guitar, sing, write songs, read most kinds of books and write in my journal. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and drinking coffee.

    I am seeking to play and sing songs that will touch and inspire people of every walk of life. I belong to Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Ok. and I spend time with teenagers helping out at the Dream Center here in Tulsa. I am most greatful for my mother's role in my salvation and I want to show people through our songs that we can have everything we want in life including peace, accomplishment and fulfillment if we trust God with all of our heart.
ANdrea Giannone

    I was born in Italy, on the coast of Sicily. I came to Tulsa Oklahoma in September 1999 at the age of 19. I graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelors in Music Composition Technology. I am currently involved in live performances as a keyboard player and also record artist and myself at my studio, 'Panorama Studios". People wonder why I live in Tulsa and don't move back to Italy (good question). Even though I miss the clear blue waters, the mild climate, the food (none of the restaurants out here cut it. You guys have no idea!), the beautiful architecture and the vibrant colors. I enjoy and love the freedoms that this great country has to offer.
Jesse Nation

     My name is, Jesse Nation, son of Bernard and Beatrice Nation. I was born in the Commonwealth of Dominica which is located mid-south of the caribbean. There my love for music was greater than that of sports.Drums, which are my main instrument is my way of expressing myself.

     In 1996 my family and I moved to the united states, to a small town in Alabama known as Phoenix City. Being raised in a christian home I got more involved in ministry. In this environment, I was more and more exposed to black gospel as well as R&B music. Soon I was well known throughout the city as well as Georgia.

     In 2002 my family and I moved from Alabama to Wahington DC up north where I was also heavily involved in ministry playing drums at different churchs. I then went on to a christian college known as Oral Roberts University in Tulsa OK. There I got involved in the ministry program and also "Souls of Fire". They call me "Dr. Pocket". I am now a senior and will graduating from ORU in 2007.
Emily Olubunmi

    Hi everybody, I'm so honored to be on this site and give God the thanks for making this happen. I have had a heart for children since I was a little tike. From babysitting, nursery worker, to Sunday School it seems as if I had done it all. But as I have gotten older (gracefully), God has given me a an even greater compassion to reach out to teenagers.

    I volunteered with one of the most dynamic inner-city outreach centers in the nation, S.O.U.L. (Standing On Unconditional Love) here in Tulsa OK, where I learned how to go out and reach these hurting kids and let them know more about Jesus.

    God has given me the opportunity to travel to other countries to share the gospel of love and forgiveness to those in need, and for that, I am eternally grateful. As I had given out of my time to others God was preparing me for even more ...marriage. I am thankful to say that God prepared someone, first who has a heart after Him, and secondly who has compassion and love for children around the world.

    My husband has dedicated his time and many sleepless nights to get this message of love through music out to help hurting people in third world countries. I ask that you support the mission of A.B.L.L.E. to support Compassion and tell a friend.

    Looking forward to what all God has instore for both Tola and I as we share this journey together and watch God work in and through us to bring glory to His name.

God Bless
Cassia Carr

    One of Cassia's main passions in life is singing. She has always be involved in church choir and various ensembles. While attending Victoy Christian School, she sang in many choirs, as well as, leading worship in chapel. In her senior year in high school, she won the Deborah award, which sets her apart as the most accomplished singer and leader in the school's choir. Cassia has been connected to A.B.L.L.E since the band's birth through S.O.U.L Youth Outreach Ministry. She was honored to have the privilege of recording a song on A.B.L.L.E's second album. Along with singing her heart out for Jesus, Cassia is striving to be a top-of-the-line business women. Currently, she works as a realtor for Jireh Jacobs Properites. In order to enhance her business skills, she is studying International business at Tulsa Community College and plans to transfer to Oral Roberts University in the fall of 2007.
Charica Daughtery

    My name is Charica Jacobs. I'm twenty one years old and I've grown up in Tulsa Oklahoma all my life. Currently, I attend Tulsa Community College with a major in history education. I look forward to being a history teacher. Along with teaching, I also enjoy art. My favorite meduim to work with is oil paints. I have done several commissioned portrait paintings. Art and specifically painting are great passions in my life. Yet, my ultimate passion and reason for life is my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. God is in the center of my life and I strive to seek him daily and put Him first in my life. Out of my love for God and compassion for the lost, I serve in Victory Soul inner city youth group as a counselor. I also help minister to the children of Victory Christian center and the inmates of the David L Moss Correctional facility. God is very real to me. Having a personal relationship with God through Jesus compels me to share his love with others.

    For this reason, I count it an honor to be apart of Ablle's upcoming CD. Tola and Coryeon are truly men after God's own heart. I was given the privilege to help design some of the artwork for the band. Their music shares the wonder of God's love through an ecclectic sound of soft Jazz, great vocals, and even a sound of world beat. The newest Ablle Project is a defintie must for you to check out.
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